The U.S. auto dealer model isn't going away anytime soon. Here’s why.

Disclosure: I've been working in the car business for over seven years now, though I'm not in sales anymore. I've learned a lot about how the auto business operates during that time. This article isn't intended to glorify car dealerships. It's to explain why today's auto industry can't just up and change to a… » 1/28/15 2:43pm Yesterday 2:43pm

Buying a car by the end of the year? Consider buying in the next week.

Ask anyone about when to get the best deal on a car and they'll tell you to do it at the end of the year. Perhaps you've met someone who told you about the time they went to a dealership during the last week of the year and not only got the car for half price, the dealership also threw in a big screen TV and a free… » 12/16/14 11:23am 12/16/14 11:23am

When is the best time (of the month) to go car shopping?

Having spent some time in the car business (I just got my 7-year commemorative plaid sport coat a few weeks ago) I get asked a lot of questions about car buying. Today's topic is this: When is the best time to go car shopping? The best time of year has already been covered, though the accuracy of that infographic can… » 11/14/14 5:05pm 11/14/14 5:05pm